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This form is for our Research & Design Demo and custom Strategy & Design engagements.  For Teardowns with a Twist, please email us (

Please answer these questions to help us find out if we would be a great fit for working together.
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What kind of timeframe are we looking at for finishing this project?  Does a certain event or date depend on this design being done? *

Has your organization worked with UX designers before, either in-house or externally? *

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What do you need Thrill & Create to help you to do? *

Some of these are not services we actually provide, but people have wanted us to do this before.  In any case, we can find someone for you.

Which of these is closest to the budget range you have in mind for this project? *

Is the budget you have set aside for this project liquid? *

In other words, do you have the money to hire us for this project now?

Our minimum engagement for initial discovery work is U.S. $1500 for 15 hours.  Is this acceptable to you? *

Some people are looking for "hands" to do production work on their product.   Others are looking for "brains" to guide them on product strategy and ways to be better than competing products.

Although we can be the "hands", we are primarily a "brains" company.  Since we start creating value for you as soon as we start to understand your problem, we charge for this.

What's in this for you?

* We start the project off right: starting to discover and guide you toward the best solution for you that we know of.
* You get more relevant samples of our work, not just a portfolio or knee-jerk spec work.
* Your estimated quote and ship date aren't reused from someone else's project.  They come from a thorough understanding of your problem, so they're more likely to be accurate.
* No hard feelings if you decide to work with someone else after this.  You can still keep what we produce for you and use that to give better direction to the person or team you hire.

Is there anything else that we should know about what you’re looking for from us?

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